SafeShoe Technology

Project Objectives

Each year, more than 270 000 pedestrians lose their lives on the world’s roads.

Globally 607 people are missing every single day leaving no trace.SafeShoe can help saving pedestrians life when passing on zebra crossings and founding missing persons, for that we need your help to implement this system in all cities of the world and put that technology on shoes and cars.

It is time to put this preventive technology as a mandatory standard.

With SafeShoe we can help saving lives.

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How it works:

SafeShoe consists of two systems that work in tune or separately:

- The First consists of 3 devices installed in different places, car, shoe, and pedestrian crossing.
- The Second is an APP for Smartphones with two modes of operation, driving mode and Pedestrian mode.

First – SafeShoe CrossWalk

Based on the images below, a Tag's reader is installed at the beginning of the walkways with the function of detecting the approach of people.
After the detection, an alert signal will be sent that will only be detected by the cars with SafeShoe technology installed.
Vehicles with SafeShoe technology installed will be able to receive warning information through a sound signal that there are pedestrians crossing the crosswalk.

Second System – SafeShoe APP

Without any type of hardware, only using an application installed on a SmartPhone and with the location option activated, a backoffice is provided in the Cloud of our SafeShoe system, with the correct geo-referencing of the Pedestrian crossings. With this system it is enough that the SmartPhone has an internet connection, the pedestrian put the app in pedestrian mode, the driver put the app in driver mode and through the location of each it is possible to send personalized alerts to drivers that they are approaching a Pedestrian crossing.

Key Benefits of the System

Safety warnings

Application of SafeShoe technology in construction sites, mining areas, or other places that may present greater danger to those who approach them without being aware that they are in danger. Like the systems installed in pedestrian crossings, our system can also be used in such a way that any operator with a SafeShoe Tag when detected in certain zones can trigger safety warnings.

After disappearance

After disappearance of someone in difficult to reach areas, such as mountains, earthquake, the authorities have the ability to track our "SafeShoe Tags" through appropriate equipment.


Possibility of activating the detection system of people, based on the reading of Tags, that is, if the pedestrian is detected in one of the points where our system is installed its position is sent to the cloud of our system.

Alert drivers

Alert drivers in advance, when they are approaching a crosswalk and / or that there are pedestrians crossing in order to prevent a run over;


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